Calm and Positive

EFT practitioner and the creator of "Thepowerofeft.com"

His life’s passion is to help his fellow seekers, those searching for a better life and those looking to create a better world, in finding paths to self-healing and self-realization – in finding ways to heal the body, relieve physical pain, release emotional traumas and wounds and create a life of abundance and joy.

It is through this unfamiliar yet wildly effective technique, known as “Tapping”, that he has experienced personal breakthroughs and has witnessed thousands of others do the same.

We invite you to explore this technique, whether through his work or the amazing work of other certified practitioners around the world.

‘People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you’

Abraham Hicks



So many times, people told me I can't do this or can't do that. My nature is that I don't listen very well. I'm very determined,

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